"...Evans' crooning vocal delivery and vast, thundering guitar tone threaten to take the duo into space, but David Jobe keeps the material grounded with tasteful, subtly proficient drumming."
Peter Boyle - Divide And Conquer






"...[The Swift Drag] interlace drums, guitars and impassioned vocals into elaborate patterns combining the energy of The Doors and The Black Keys."
Issue 222 (2017) - Rock Society Magazine (UK)

The Swift Drag are a southern-psychedelic rock duo hailing from Austin, Texas featuring Will Evans (vocals, guitar) and David Jobe (drums).


As a guitar and drums based band, they are easily categorized alongside rock duo trail blazers The White Stripes and The Black Keys. Though these well known blues rock duos are an inspiration, the band ultimately takes their musical influences from 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock, blues greats, and 90’s grunge/stoner rock.


The band's sound hinges on Evans’ moody vocals that are interwoven between heavy hitting drums and earsplitting guitar riffs complimented by moments of melodic release. “Creating a massively layered sound with only guitar, drums and vocals has become an obsession of ours. I’m always experimenting with new ways to simultaneously orchestrate multiple guitar and vocal effects to create sonic depth in our music. Showcasing those ideas through our songs is the driving force to the music we create,” says Evans. 


Their debut release, We Won’t Need That - EP (July 2017), features a total of five songs which were tracked live in a single studio session at Century Recordings in Dripping Springs, Texas. “Our end goal was to do our absolute best to capture the sound we enjoy most when we perform live,” says Jobe. 


In 2019 the band went back into the studio to track four new songs for their upcoming EP. The single ”The Designer” was released in February of 2020 as a limited edition 7” split vinyl by Secret Soup Records out of Austin, Texas and later became available as a digital release. After reluctantly holding on to their recently recorded songs for over two years due to a show stopping pandemic, the band finally released their sophomore EP, Still Sitting Still (June 2022).